An Olympian Zeus street art wall in the trinquet of the UPV

It is known by everybody, but anyway I’m telling it, that Pichi has a very special link with the Polytechnic University of Valencia. This is the university where he shared his time and concerns with classmates and professors of fine arts. These are just some details, but as the great nuances, they make this mural work having an explicit intentionality.

On December 16th, forming part of the Tuenti Urban Art Project and invited by Urvanity, we made a mural painting in the trinquet* of the Polytechnic University of Valencia, created with our unique style.

During the creation of this streetart work, modified for the occasion in its plastic treatment, being inverted the glazes composing the backgrounds and our works’ figures, the development of the work in the Ciutat Fallera arrived, coinciding in the time.

This fact allowed us to create two works that propose a spatial, conceptual and technical conversation, among them, where the public could be able to enjoy them for their uniqueness as well as for their ensemble.

They were created in an exponential way, a constant we always keep in mind when reflecting on the essence of what we create. This is the union between classical art and contemporary art, which seeks a result that must be always superior to the sum of its elements.

A mythological deity related to the location was chosen as a main element for the trinquet*. On this occasion, we opted for a version of the Olympic Zeus represented with cornucopia as its main attribute, giving to the work the enough power and majesty for not to need any other type of composition with more elements or not to give any more baroque treatment or composition.

The development of the mural intervention in the UPV leaves a wonderful piece of StreetArt by the hand of PichiAvo and an element to the reflection on the importance of the people who comes into its classrooms, both students and teachers.

*trinquet: playing field used to practice a typical Valencian sport called “Pilota Valenciana”