Athena Ergane sculpture edition

Athena Ergane sculpture edition

©Bruno Lopes
©Bruno Lopes

Athena Ergane sculpture edition

This new sculpture edition in collaboration with Underdogs Gallery pays homage to Athena Ergane, who is not only a symbol of wisdom and war but also the patroness of artisans. The sculpture, meticulously crafted from handmade glazed ceramic, serves as a tribute to the industriousness and work associated with Ergane.

In the context of the artwork, “Ergane” becomes a symbol of the unwavering dedication of craftsmen and craftswomen, whose creative labor is sponsored and protected by the goddess.  “Athena Ergane” is not merely a descriptive title but a statement encapsulating mythological richness and divine endorsement of diligent work and artisanal creativity.

In this sculpture, the image of Athena is carved using handmade glazed ceramic, praising her protection over the arts and artisans. The pieces (in an edition of 50 + 5 APs) have been handcrafted in Manises, Spain, in a complex and meticulous process of excellence in ceramics.

YEAR 2023

Handcrafted glazed ceramic


33 x 23 x 20 cm


50 + 5 AP


Wednesday 29 November 2023
17h (CET Madrid)


Underdogs Gallery