Exhibition at Urban Art Fair Paris

Young Iacchus Lefkos print edition

Olympics’ Spot24 murals in Paris

Athena Ergane sculpture edition

“A Controversial Affair” Group Exhibition

“Diaspasis” solo exhibition

“Diaspasis” solo exhibition artworks

Hylas and the Naiades print edition

“Three Graces” solo exhibition

Orphic Hymn to Nike VII

Orphic Hymn to Poseidon – Magenta print edition

Digital Orphic Hymn to Venus NFT

Eros Lefkos print edition

“Used to be” solo exhibition

Cupid and Hymen Diaspasis print edition

Venus and Adonis

Orphic Hymn to the Three Graces II

Rebuilding Walls – Bristol NFT

Orphic Hymn to Cupid print edition

Digital Orphic Hymn to Jason NFT

Orbital Venus NFT

The Waiting II

Medusa Rondanini Lefkos print edition

Medusa Rondanini Lefkos

This needs Classical art 1.3 / This needs Graffiti Street art 1.3


Orphic Hymn to the Three Graces

Orphic Hymn to Poseidon Print edition

Apollo’s Chariot at the Fondation Fiminco

Barcelona Flax & Kale murals

Aftokollita I Venus

Orphic Hymn to Nike hand-finished print edition

Young Bacchus Lefkos Print Edition

Manises Achilles Ceramic

PichiAvo Silver Prints jewel by Suárez

Mythological Shipping Container Relief

PichiAvo x Vhils collaboration lithograph

Marbles and Bronzes Exhibition

Young Dionysus Lefkos print edition

Artémis et Nature Print Edition

Graff-Ekfrasi Apollo Collection

Untitled Sketch (Young Bacchus)

Orphical Hymn to Medusa

Mythological Shipping Structure

Zeus Lefkos Print Edition

Orphical Hymn to Mislata Poseidon

Indoor mural in Denver

V Restaurant in Malmö

Hybrid Hero Sculpture Edition

Lefkos Exhibition in Montreal

V Restaurant in Downtown Los Angeles

Orphical Hymn III to Nike

Evreka Exhibition

Apollo from the Walls Series

Orphical Hymn to the Graces

Hybris to Aphrodite Series

Estratega print edition

Hybrid Psyche Sculpture Edition

This Needs Classical Art / Graffiti Street Art 1.2

Hermes the Golden Messenger

Satyr and Bacchante

Satyr and Bacchante Sketch

Versus exhibition in Lisbon

Abduction of Proserpina

The Waiting

Athena Pallas

Gods and Humans

From Rome to New York by Bulgari

Bowery Wall Canvas

Wall at the Montana Colors Lab in Barcelona