Glaucus mural in Bayonne

Dionysus mural in Salina, Kansas

Three Graces Mural

Javelin murals in Tahiti, French Polynesia

Venus del Mitreo mural in Mérida, Spain

Murals in Downtown Las Vegas

Diaspasis Mural

Mercury and Psyche mural in Toronto

Laocoön at Blink Cincinnati

Hermes at Paris La Défense

Bacchus mural in Valencia

Venus de Milo in São Paulo

Zeus/Poseidon in Gothenburg

Zeus/Poseidon spreads his arms over the Gothenburg canals.

Poseidon in Linz

Cupid in Grañén

Poseidon and Niké at Paris Latin Quarter

Medusa Rondanini at Plaza de España

Ganymede and the Eagle at the Heidelberg Central Railway Station

Renegades Project at the Hellenic Museum of Melbourne

Epicurus in Frankston

Mural in Port Adelaide for Wonderwalls

RCC Festival Container Structure

JARTB House in Melbourne

Anacreon in the Old Jaffa Port (Tel Aviv)

Mural Fest Wall in Berlin

Athena and Poseidon Walls in Espluges de Llobregat

Street Art Fest in Grenoble – Alpes

Mural Fest in Montreal

Rexenera Fest in Carballo

Terpsichore Mural in Charlotte

3000m² Wall in Collaboration with Vhils

Main Falla of the City of Valencia

Hermes Mural for Crush Walls in Denver

Goddess Victory for Rust Magic Festival

Wall in Helsingborg

Poseidon Facing the Tagus River

Wild Pop for Bulgari

Installation at Festival Iminente

Warrior in Picassent

Montecosaro Cupid

Orpheus in Heerlen

Wall in Madrid for BMW Spain

Discobolus in Poissy (Grand Paris)

Leda and the Swan in Glasgow

Ciutat Fallera Wall in Valencia

Houston Bowery Wall

NorthWest Walls Festival in Werchter