“Diaspasis” solo exhibition artworks

“Diaspasis” solo exhibition artworks


“Diaspasis” solo exhibition artworks

Diaspasis represents the evolution of PichiAvo’s art, which, along with aesthetic research, focuses here, without renouncing the explosiveness of colors, on an investigation into the power of matter. Diáspasis – in Greek, separation – actually describes the technique that the duo started exploring two years ago: the PichiAvo paint their subjects with spray paint, acrylic and oil on a plasterboard panel and then they break it up, obtaining several fragments. For the first exhibition at Wunderkammern these artists imagine their works in a distant future, in which pieces of the wall that we cannot appropriate, but which constitute a hidden desire to possess, are divided into parts: a nose, a face, an arm, lips.

The works made by PichiAvo are to be considered as part of a whole, but with a specific preciousness, just like the fragments of friezes and sculptures that we find in Classical Art museums: spray, oil and acrylic on plaster, the works are precisely destroyed by the artists, who refer to the heritage present in various museums around the world as a result of various depredations. On display will be more than thirty works, including sketches on paper and paintings on plasterboard.*

“Diaspasis” is a solo exhibition by PichiAvo at Wunderkammern in Milan
20th September – 21st October 2023
Entrance is free
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A print edition makes part of the exhibition events

*Text by Fanny Borel for Wunderkammern

YEAR 2023

20th September 2023


Wunderkammern Gallery (Milan), Via Nerino 2, 20123 Milan, Italy