And the Muse Creative Award Goes to…

©Zack DeZon for Culture Trip

And the Muse Creative Award Goes to…

Culture Trip journalist Grace Beard visited Valencia during the 2019 las Fallas festival aiming to write an article about this traditional celebration in which PichiAvo contibuted creating the main falla monument displayed at the central square of the city. She invited Zack DeZon, a NY-based photographer, to illustrate this festival of fire, color, tradition and now, street art. The article has just received a Platinum Muse Creative Award for his excellence and quality.

“To celebrate spring’s arrival, Culture Trip commissioned a package of several stories, which explore themes of revolution, rebirth and renewal. Photographer, Zack DeZon, was commissioned to photograph Las Fallas, Valencia’s annual festival that celebrates the arrival of spring with fire, explosions and art. The festival is a 300-year-old tradition, which despite its age, manages to remain uniquely local. Las Fallas includes a daytime firework display and processions of elaborately dressed women and men, prior to the large sculptures (fallas) being set ablaze later in the evening. This particular year’s falla is a departure from those of previous years, which are typically cartoonish and whimsical, a style that began 100 years ago and became more Disney-like over time. Street art duo, PichiAvo, created the 2019 falla that you will see here, which is the largest creation to date to be featured at the festival. During the three months leading up to the festival, PichiAvo worked 18-hour days to finish painting the falla, all for it to be lit on fire during La Crema, the festival’s closing ceremony.”

YEAR 2019