Launch of the new website

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Launch of the new website

This summer PichiAvo collaborate with Cocota Studio for the launch of their new website. Inspired by paper and editorial design, the website resembles the pages of art catalogs, where images take center stage in the abundant white spaces.

This editorial approach, supported by carefully designed interactions, provides the counterpoint of calm that helps the colorful work of PichiAvo to stand out.

The dichotomy of PichiAvo’s work – Classical Greco-Roman Art and Urban Contemporary Art – is articulated throughout the website by typography and the vertical division of the screens.

The concept of intervention is transferred to the digital space. In the same way, PichiAvo intervenes in urban areas, sculptures, and other elements; the website allows the visitor to interact and participate in the digital space by activating the “draw mode” when clicking on the different dots enabled throughout the website.

More information here.

YEAR 2021