Une street histoire de l’art book

Une street histoire de lart_Cyrille Gouyette

Une street histoire de l’art book

Cyrille Gouyette’s book Une street histoire de l’art (A street history of art) of the Alternatives collection of Gallimard Editions takes on the task to document 50 years of urban art to demonstrate its relationship with 5000 years of art history.

PichiAvo make their appearance with the mural they painted in Montecosaro (Italy) in 2018 that took a Bouchardon sculpture of Cupid as reference. The sculpture was created in 1744.

The writer comments on their work: “its smooth and white aesthetic corresponds to the Antiquity dreamed of by the collective imagination. It is its association with the aesthetics of graffiti that makes the originality of their work. In turn, these writings, with ideal shape, offer polychromy and harmonious lettering, which the street with erratic contributions never produces”.

The book was released in Paris on October 14th at Fluctuart. It can be found in French bookstores, and it is available worldwide in online stores.

YEAR 2021