“Used to be” new solo show in Lisbon


“Used to be” new solo show in Lisbon

This new exhibition called Used To Be presents a new body of works that introduce a new concept in the artists careers: “Diaspasis”.

The opening will be on Friday 11th November at Underdogs Gallery in Lisbon (Portugal) with free entrance until 30th December.

“Diaspasis”, meaning in Greek “separate, stand apart”, is the name of a new concept of artworks by PichiAvo. These exhibition presents three sets of works: a group of wall fragments with painting, a group of wall fragments with drawings and a group of fragmented busts.

There will also be a unique piece in collaboration with Portuguese artist Vhils.

A new print edition will also be released for sale on UnderDogs online shop.

Opening with the presence of the artists:
Friday 11 November 2022, 6pm- 9pm

YEAR 2022
COUNTRY Portugal
CLIENT Underdogs Gallery