A 600 m² Urban Art Mural for the Ciutat Fallera


A 600 m² Urban Art Mural for the Ciutat Fallera

The north great wall, we have spoken to each other thousands of times about this wall. We have passed by it thousands of times, wondering what happened behind that huge canvas which surrounds the Ciutat Fallera.

Last November we crossed its walls to discover the life inside, to learn the secret that converts some mere sculptural volumes of recyclable materials into public monuments called fallas and destined to live in our memory through the flames of March 19th.

This is the perfect support for a streetart work, it fulfils the task of providing visibility to a workshop and study area which was unfortunately unnoticed (due to the lack of any notable external element) to the rest of the citizenship, alien to the creative fallas universe.

After our first visit to this space we knew it was going to be the first thing we were going to change: fulfilling the need to synthesize the space with a great urban art work.

And here it is when we, our world and our running way of understanding take part in this story. There are some unique things in this work. First of all its drawing, which is a 2.0 version of the original one, chosen after having known personally the Fallas artists and having understood there was a common struggle when willing a self-recognition in the Art and Culture.

We develop in this project conceptual and mythological elements embodied in a monumental 600 m2 work, where we spin a composition with elements that represent in a perfect way our artistic movement definition. There is a Poseidon safeguarding and blessing the sea people, hippocampus and horses, mythology and symbols within a diversity that guide towards freedom. We can also see a sweet cupid supported by the forearm of a victory carrying a crown of laurels, a tribute to a city that wins the most meritorious recognition: its citizen’s love.

Painting at home, ignoring all the previous work to let go out what we know doing the best: giving everything. We reinvent ourselves in seconds and let flow whatever make to go beyond the creativity of the artist. Respecting the origin, leaving our classic graffiti signatures apart from this in order to represent through pieces and tags the oneself language used in the workshops by the fallas artists. A way to grow up and merge with space.

YEAR 2019