Declaraciones / Statement by PichiAvo (Intervención Centre del Carme 2019)

Street Art Alive opens in Los Angeles featuring PichiAvo

PichiAvo’s design for wine bottle at the Bern’s WineFest 2022

PichiAvo present their new studio

What inspires PichiAvo?

Une street histoire de l’art book

Burning Man auction sale at Sotheby’s New York

Launch of the new website

“Arte Urbano…? La ciudad como escenario” exhibition

FreeChildren Campaign

“Public space as a canvas” – Open House Worldwide 2020

Videomapping on Montreal’s mural

Nike: The Goddess of Victory (Short film)

“Segue a Cultura em Casa” by Spain Arts & Culture Portugal

PichiAvo present their new corporate image

ARS BREVIS 2019 Award