PichiAvo at the Miami Art Basel Week

New works available at the Miami Art Week Introducing new works at Context Art Miami, Scope Art Show Miami, and at the GGA Gallery in Wynwood Walls.


Mythological Shipping Structure

Mythological Shipping Structure is a new concept of hand-made sculpture that pays tribute to the cargo container install that the artists created in 2015. It makes part of the “10 years of Wynwood Walls” exhibition which opened last Saturday.

Context Art Miami with Station16 Gallery

13 new pieces will be exhibited at Context Art Miami (booth A3): original drawings, canvases and sculptures. @station16gallery

A new print will be also released:

Zeus Lefkos, a new UV print

Zeus Lefkos
66 x 50 cm | 26″ x 20″ in
Edition of 75 + 10 APs
Hand-pulled silkscreen print with UV ink
Launching Wednesday December 4th at 10 AM (EST) | 16h (GMT+1) with Station16 Gallery

Scope Art Show with Mirus Gallery

4 new pieces will be exhibited at Scope Art Show (booth D01). @mirusgallery