Evreka exhibition

Description: For our show at the Centro del Carmen we wanted to transfer our outdoor work inside the exhibition room, producing the effect that takes place when you look at a mural in the public space. In the last few years urban art has firmly established its position in contemporary art, and the urban and public spirit of our work is reflected in Evreka through a novel exhibition design. We force viewers to discover and explore our work through its reflection in a mirror, creating a parallel between unexpectedly encountering mural art in the street and the first contact with our works in the gallery. The viewer initially finds the works displayed free-standing, with their backs turned to those looking at them, facing mirrors mounted on the wall. By doing this we are aiming to create a complete experience that goes beyond looking, so that observers becomes active subjects, interacting to find the angle of view that allows them to see the whole work. We are aware that this is a risky approach, in which the exhibition concept takes precedence over the artworks themselves.

Location: CCCC – Centre del Carme Cultura Contemporània, Valencia, Spain

Year: 2019