Rebuilding Walls – Bristol NFT

Rebuilding Walls – Bristol NFT


Rebuilding Walls – Bristol NFT

This is the 1st NFT of a new series based on disappeared murals: “Rebuilding Walls”.

“We painted a mural in Bristol in 2016 that depicted Poseidon, God of the sea. The project was powered by Upfest, who invited us to perform on the side wall of a local pub, next to a parking lot. The mural easily spread on the internet and many magazines and media posted it, becoming popular very quickly.

Murals in Upfest don’t last forever. After two years, another artist painted over the wall and Poseidon vanished. The ephemeral mural has become now permanent thanks to digital art. This new NFT brings the mural to a second life, making it now eternal.”

YEAR 2022

Digital 3D animation on video


Open edition

Release (Drop)

Friday July 22, 6pm NY time / 00h (+1) CET Madrid time


Nifty Gateway


Open access to all (no pass nor membership required)