Venus de Milo in São Paulo

©Festival NaLata
Nalata PichiAvo Sao Paulo Nalata PichiAvo Sao Paulo
©Henrique Cabral for NaLata Festival

Venus de Milo in São Paulo

São Paulo’s NaLata Festival is hosting the first project ever of PichiAvo in Brazil and South America.

This mural was possible thanks to the help of local graffiti artists, who let them get into the fascinating world of pichação. The ones who left their mark on the wall are: Caps, Teor, Vetor, Humano and Calle.

Pichiavo’s mural pays tribute to one of the most iconic Greek sculptures ever, the Venus de Milo. Discovered in 1820 by a peasant in the Greek island of Milos, it was sent to Paris to become part of the Louvre Museum collection in 1821, 200 years ago from now.

This project was commissioned by Nalata Festival, one of the most prominent art events in Brazil in 2021, directed by Luan Cardoso. The wall is located at the central Largo da Batata square, in Pinheiros, São Paulo.

YEAR 2021
CLIENT NaLata Festival