Venus del Mitreo mural in Mérida, Spain

Venus del Mitreo mural in Mérida, Spain


Venus del Mitreo mural in Mérida, Spain

Mérida is one of the most important archeological Roman sites in Spain, which makes this project very special.

Few meters away from the old Roman circus, PichiAvo painted a revisited version of the Venus del Mitreo, exhibited at the Museo Nacional de Arte Romano also located in Mérida. This proposal consists in a recreation of the bust (since the Venus del Mitreo is a headless sculpture) inspired by the Aphrodite of Syracuse from the National Archaelogical Museum from Athens as the artists find the resemblance between both pieces very inspiring.

PichiAvo have been exploring the absence of matter, fragmentation of archeological pieces and the reconstruction of Classical artworks lately with the artistic concept “Diaspasis”, which now is being rework from a different perspective.

This mural makes part of a larger project called MUMCO Museo de Muralismo Contemporáneo de Mérida, thanks to which many other Spanish artists are painting outdoor art in the social neighborhood of La Antigua.

YEAR 2023
LOCATION Mérida, Badajoz
CLIENT MUMCO (Mérida City Council)

Spray and acrylic paint on wall